Ok so this is my first time posting a thread but I've read a million and I've got a lot to say about this subject. Im sorry if I ramble. SO BASICALY. Im allergic to the Nickel as well as other relitivly cheap metals in Guitar strings. Its called Allergic Contact Dermitites

It suck a bunch, both my hands crack and fissure and often times get raw and swolen and its just plain nasty, specialy when im girl huntin if ya know what I mean. I was a jazz guitar major for a brief period and wanted to make guitar my life but it was cut short by the eventual deteriation of my hands(I had to drop out of school and have not played in months). I had it for almost a year before I even realized what was goin on . Either way heres what Ive discovered

Electric guitar strings need Nickel or some magnetic material to fire up the Pickups so one way or another your gona have NIckel in your electric guitar strings or some sort of Nickel alloy. Even when they say its some other metal there is garrunteed to be some amount of Nickel in them. Steel itself is a mixture of iron and Nickel I belive. And as far as Ive dicovered acustic strings are the same way. even though they dont need Nickel to make em work, no metals are pure any more. Ive tested them all.

So what metals are Gonna work?
heres a little science. When I play the guitar the moisture from my hands disolves the Nickel/metal into my skin. It then attaches my protiens, something crazy happens and i get hundreds of blisters on my hands. neway
The metal that I wont be alergic to is the metal that I wont disolve into my skin(basically the metals out there that don't dissolve or don't rust). Platinum, Pure Gold, Stainless steel, Titanium and others. These metals have a special oxide layer coating them that doesnt let moisture in. its weird stuff. Stainless steel has a good amount of Nickel in it as well as chromium but those metals are bound within its oxide walls.
They make flatwound stainless steel strings but heres the catch. only the bass strings are wrapped in stainless steel. The high treble strings are too thin to be wraped or coated in any other metal so they remain plain steel(they must to work the pickups). Ive bought a million different brands of stainless strings and that has been the case time after time after time. they make electric strings coated in plastic(elixer) but they wear away in about a week and a half and there costly. They make strings coasted in a spesial enamel to prevent moisture from geting in and out but same deal, they wear away. If your a bass player stainless steel strings will worked, they are all wrapped in stainless steel.

Back to the drawing board for guitar.
Nylon strings contain three nylon trebble strings and then three metal plated bass strings. I have never found anything other than this. I think they stopped doing organic strings in the renassance. and on top of this I have never found a set of nylon strings that is wrapped in anythign Im not allergic to(stainless steel, titanium...) and I've looked pretty hard, so heres what I plan to do if anyone cares.

Im gonna cutom order a NS1 MIDI guitar with stainless steel fretts. Im then going to put only Nylon treble strings as all six of the strings of the guitar. there will be no basses only trebbles. It will be like high E High A High D High G High B and High E again. Ittl sound weird. Im then giong to connect my MIDI nylon guitar to a GK 20 and transpose those individual strings that shouldve been bass strings down an octave. I will be a guitar player again, a MIDI guitar player. If you dont know what MIDI is dig this. There will be a special pick up on my guitar that will pick up the notes im playing, turn them into digital sigals and then output them to any virtual instrument (synth, drum machine, sampler, guitar synth, piano synth...) It actualy realy cool. I will be playing the virtual piano/drums/guitar/whatever with my guitar. What do you think? isnt that wild? Life is nutty. If you have a better solution for me spit it at me, If you have the same problem as me... I feel you and I hope this helps. ask me to be more clear about something if you want to know somethin.
Can i even post something this long? ha
Look.. I didn't read much of that.. But you can get optical pickups. Look into it.

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Damn that sucks, I hope you find the solution and it would seem you're prepared to do anything to find it.

If it doesn't work out for you with the guitar then why not try the Bass? I play both and although the guitar is numero uno if something happened where I could only play Bass I wouldn't have that hard a job accepting it. Why not give it a try?

Good luck with whatever you do though, sounds like you deserve a break.
I would recommend playing a midi guitar before buying one, the sound and playability of them is pretty unsatisfying. You may like it though, just make sure to try one for a bit before buying. I would play bass I think, if I was in your shoes. Way easier to find people to play with if you play bass too.
Tried elixers? they're coated so that they don't rust.
this is a post. there are many like it but this one is mine


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Quote by mlfarrell
Tried elixers? they're coated so that they don't rust.

Tried reading?
Ouch, that's a bit tough, but I'm glad you have your solution worked out so well. Wow, I've always wanted to try playing a MIDI guitar! I unfortunately have very little technical guitar knowledge, so I'm afraid I can't help you any further, but I wish you the best of luck with it all. It's great to see that your dedication makes you overcome your allergy!