This is the Unique “Canis Testicastor” (English translation “The Dogs Bol?cks&rdquo. It’s a BC Rich/Ibanez/Jackson style clone, that's been pimp'd with £350 quid's worth of electronics with some abalone (plastic) pickguards.

So you can play from deep dive Sammael growls through shredded 2 octaves to ethereal drones, and then MIDI/GK device control for any other sound in the sonic universe. That’s why it’s the “Canis Testicastor”.

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The Guitar consisting of:
24 fret dressed, locked nut, thin (18mm @ nut) satin finish neck. Action at 12th fret 1.65mm. 25.5 inch scale.
Licensed Floyd Rose patented balanced knife Bridge.
Sustaniac Sustainer (Superswitched "off-oct-harm-nat-off") powered by a 9volt battery.
Single pole Pickup.
Dangleberry Tonerider HUMBUCKER Alnico 4 PAF Pickup (tapped with pull pot).
Roland Gk3 internal Pickup, with Mix,Vol, S1/S2 controls.
1/4 Jack out as well a Roland 13 pin.
Weight 3.75kg
Colour Black with Gold hardware and shell trim.
1 vol, 2 pull tones (1 x Sustaniac master on/off, 1 Humbucker Coil tap)
5way mag selector H-H+S-S-S- Missing man (Randy Rhodes)
5way Sustainiac "off-oct-harm-nat-off"
3 way mag-mag/hex-hex
Two small dings on the back.

3 sets of Jack Daniels old time “Electric No.10’s”

1 thin Strap with straplocks
It looks very tacky it's gotta be said. There's tons of interesting features on it, but it looks as if half the hardware has just been ''Thrown'' at it, Especially that suspicious center pickup. Hell, for all I know it could play like a dream but my three outstanding points that would say to me ''Buy Something Better!'' would be these -
1. It's been customized to suit someone else, not yourself.
2. It's a clone... Clones SUCK unless you pay tons and tons of money to get a high end one, if you want a BC Rich/Ibanez/Jackson, then get a real one.
3. It has a tremendously ''rough'' appearance, simply 'cus it's been customised by someone who was no doubt a sloppy workman - If you like that, I aint gonna question that - But you may want to bear in mind that this Guitar is going to have little to no resale value, simply 'cus it's got a grungey/unprofessional conversion on a heavy guitar.

Well, it's your decision ultimately.
- B.C. Rich Warbeast Bloodbound
- B.C. Rich NT Zombie 5-String Bass
- BOSS GT-10 Multi Effects TANK!
...In other words, I'm taking a giant dump on fender owners who use pods.

It is exactly what it says it is, A lot of features on a banger, you know, you don’t see BC Rich doing Roland Enabled Guitars/Ibanez, they will ask for lots of money and they have no commercial interest in syth/midi enabling since the release of the VG-99. The suspicious centre pickup that’s probably the only original part of the electronics it . It’s in a plastic cover like the EMG one, you just don’t know what’s under there..

As most wooden guitars are made in Asia, the tone, the wood is from the same forests, milled on the same machines as the branded guitars, Stagg are a good example of that.

Mechanically the action, tuning stability are as good as any £700 Ibanez RG series.

For a low budget entry level Guitar Synth Driver it will have its moments, for someone who wants to test the waters of Synth / Analogue Hybrid Sonics from a guitar it’s the best bang for your buck you will see this year.

It is a Chimera at the end of the day there is no resale value, just a fair price for its capabilities, well price up the parts, and dived by three, that’s what I want £150.
You can’t even get an ebow + squire Start for that.

''Buy Something Better!'' from where , at what price.