I've been playing electric guitar for 2 years and i decided to buy a bass, looking for something cheap, around 200CAD, prolly gonna need an amp too, i can extend the price range to 33 if its worth it. any recommendations? I can go used via ebay.
look in the FAQ, has a good few basses to look at
With that much, you wont get too good of a bass. Id say you could either go for a Rouge (dont do it) or some other bad name brand, or you can try looking around for some used Ibanez or Squier basses
If you can make minor adjustments to the setup, I would suggest a PJ bass from Rondo Music.

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the squier bass kit is pretty cheap, its like... 200-300 ish CAD and comes with a patch and amp! Not a great bass but its name brand and will work for your first year!
.... might have been cranked up in price though........
Good Luck man!