Hello all. I just ordered the parts to make my own varitone (caps, 6 position rotary switch, etc...). I'd just like to hear everyone's opinion on the effectiveness of these devices (so I know what I'm getting myself into lol). If you're not sure what a varitone is, it'll be terribly similar to what's on BB King's signature Gibson guitar. It sends your signal through different capacitors to allow different frequencies to pass, thereby altering your tone in each position (with one position being a total bypass of course).
i dont really like the varitone personally. i'm much more a fan of the one bill lawrence came up with for the gibson l6-s, although it's not really a varitone - just people confuse it with one. i feel the varitone is a bit overboard for a tone control and dont really see a need for 6 different tone 'starting' points. it's probably better to just find the 2 or 3 you'll actually be using and wire in the appropriate switching for it.
That's really what I'm trying to do. If I could find out how to wire in a mid-boost and a plain old volume boost into that thing I'd just skip straight to it. But I figured this was a good starting point project wise.
You might be happier with a push pull pot with 2 different caps on it. Versus 6 caps that you only end up using 2.