Is one that I cannot understand.

I have learned a lot from this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=18877762#post18877762 simple common sense such as the 60/60 rule and actually putting the idea in my head of going to see a doctor. "Running to a Goddamn message board" to quote Survivalism is mainly me getting the various opinions of people. I have been to several online communities that have this openess towards the discussion of medical issues. It results in people helping out each other and people deciding and discussing the various treatments in which they opt to undergo.

seeing that hearing loss is probably one of the major medical issues that plague us people who probably listen to a damn shitload I logically decided to fish for responses HERE.

I suggest UG put up a disclaimer saying that it is not reponsible for any repurcussions arising from the providing of amateur medical opinion, if that is what it takes to generate this openess of discussion without compromising the site by the countless of psycho-babblic idiots who provide "medical" advice out of jest.

My mother was not a doctor but she did a good job of keeping me safe in minor ailments....through common sense and things gained through experince. And I have been to doctors who simply did not give a f*ck about me at all. Medical credentials do not gurantee anything. Anyway, to conclude, I have learned that before going to a doctor and running the risk of me ending up with a bad seed or an innapropriate treatment, I usually seek the opinions of others.
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People only recommend the doctor cause its a professional opinion. If the Pit recommends something to you and it f*cks you up, who are you going to blame? Them.
Seeking the opinions of others on the internet is never a safe thing to do if it's a medical problem you need a second opinion on. Talk to somebody you know IRL if you want a second opinion. Trusting the internet is just wrong.

That's why this rule even exists. Plus, it's not allowed to make threads about how your thread was closed...
I suggest you read the rules, post according to the rules, don't re-make closed threads, and if you have suggestions go to the SITE SUGGESTION forum.

Though I can tell you now, we're not putting up a disclaimer and not allowing this. This is a +13 guitar website and your medical issues should be taken with a doctor.
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