i cant believe im asking the pit but i ordered a new amp a while ago and it says it should be here today, but the fedex shipment says it has yet to be picked up from splawns company.

so should i believe that fedex's website is incorrect and that the amp is on its way,
assume that the website is correct and my amp is still in texas

do any of you guys have experience with fedex?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I've never once had a good experience with fedex. They've delivered very expensive packages to wrong houses, left things that required signatures on other peoples door steps unsigned, never deliver when they say they will. Good luck. You might need it.
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no but when companies say theyre going to get something to you on a day, they really mean 2+weeks from that day. thats true with almost any shipping company, not just fedex
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I would go by what the fed ex site says. they scan all packages everytime there is a status change. I've found Fedex usually comes within a day of when they say. UPS is my preferred method, sometimes I even get them a day early.
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Yeah i've had fedex packages get to my house two days late and all sorts of great stuff. i just go with ups on everything, they get it done right, always on time, if not early
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i hate FedEx.
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I got a few CDs about 2 weeks early with media mail. 'twas epic.
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I ordered an iPod Touch Saturday thru Newegg. It's finally being shipped out TODAY. Not sure when it will finally arrive. Now I'm thinking I wasted my money on express shipping. Or did I?
Would have been processed on Monday, so yes. It should have gone out on Monday so it was a bit, COMPLAIN!
i used to work for fedex, they rock!

you should have got a tracking number which you can enter on their site and see the progress of the package. If it says it hasn't been picked up, it probably hasn't. You might want to call them and find out why, chances are the supplier hasn't let them pick it up yet or something. Give them a call or something dude.
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