wow, that's awesome, exept that somtimes the drums is just doesn't go with the rest, but it doesn't matter much, not really jazz tough, more like progressive rock but yeah really good
critting while listening:

pretty good. i have no criticisms until bar 35. the all quarter notes can get dull. i would mix it up a little bit, or do eighths. the chords are cool, but it gets pretty repetitive. don't repeat the the same thing so much, especially 1-2-3-4. i like the rhodes piano though. i really like the chords that come after. the time sig changes feel a little weird to me though. at bar 89-92 it's weird. you expect to build up to something big, and you go to kind of a quiet part. it's a cool part, but it's just a weird transition. the distorted guitar that comes in feels weird with a rhodes. that's a weird mix, but that's probably just me. the powerchords do repeat a little much i think. but there's so much going on it's not as big a deal. i didn't like when the choir aah's became the piano at bar 121. that Bsus4b5 or whatever the chord was at the end of the bar stood out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way. it feels like an obvious out of tune note. you could have ended at bar 122 if you had wanted. i like the rhodes piano part that you played in the beginning that came back, i just don't know if it was really necessary. you already have a strong ending like i said before. but it works. like i said i like that part., i just think before was a better place to end.

overally i really liked this song. i thought the chords were great, my favorite part. really unique and interesting. good lead work, good bass, the drums seemed ok though i didn't pay as much attention to them as i did the guitars. nice work, i really liked it.

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