i have a 2007 fender Mexican standard telecaster and its great. BUT the input jack comes loose all the time. and i saw the same thing happened to the guitarcenter floor model. i dont think it is affecting my sound but is kind of annoying to have the cable wiggling around. the only way i fix it now is by holding the inside of the jack with tweezers while tightening the bolt but it doesnt stay tight long. is there any way to fix this for good?
Ya excact same thing happens to mine all the time. It sumtimes completely cuts out my sound and then it fuzzes...dont know if there any sure fire way of fixing it really except glue!lol (Plz dont glue ur fender!lol)
My freind has a Tele with the same problem, his guitar will cut out which can be really annoying, take it to a shop is the best advise i can give they can probaly find a better more permanent soulution to your problem
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in stew mac they make some kind of tele jack that locks in and doesnt come loose (i think)

yes they do
whats stew mac? and how much does it cost? and is it hard to install?