And as the apocalypse took hold,
I grabbed your arm and pulled you in close to my chest

The sky was a massive firework,
We're celebrating years of hurt tonight

And I knew it all along but I didn't react
My mind just couldn't cope with that
The only sound left is the sound of the choir
Praying for the God that they just set on fire
The little kids protest their innocence
Another note of unjust disonance
They're just too young to be as bad as their parents
20 more years away from that inheritence
oh well

I knew what I saw,
but I just couldn't bare to look around

Who'd want to be the last one standing
surrounded by fire but feel like drowning

Feedback welcome, sorry about the popping!

"Gravity... always... wins..."
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This is not that bad, actually. It had a similar vibe to that song at the end of Juno (I forget its name), just a bit more "sad" sounding. You have a really nice voice for this type of indie rock, too. There is really not much to say as it is primarily just acoustic chords (and some nice piano occasionally!). In terms of recording quality, its pretty decent. You may want to record the vocals in a few sections because of the mic popping sound (which isn't there all that frequently, so its not that bothersome). I have the same problem with my mic. Thats why I water most of my singing down with alot of effects, haha.

If I could suggest one thing, it would be near the end when you repeat the chorus. It was just an awkward change from a loud guitar to a really quiet one and slowed tempo. I would suggest reworking that part.

Thanks for the reply to my piece too, by the way!
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Thanks Ulalume - agreed on all parts. The ending sounds a little 'off' due to me er.. miscounting how many bars were in the song when recording the guitar. I will record it again ideally, its getting the house to myself to do it... theres absolutely no way I'm letting my housemates hear me singing, they'd piss themselves..
Cheers again!
"Gravity... always... wins..."
Haha. I hear you on that. I have the same problem where I live. Hell, I can only ever record anything for about 2 hours on Sundays when everyone actually goes away (and when I know I will be here, usually). Its crazy.
Check out Hear the Indie for music reviews, interviews, and more.

Want a review? Send me a PM or email through the contact form on my site.
Try living with two unemployed students who operate on opposite timetables... ALWAS someone in!
"Gravity... always... wins..."
Thanks for the crit, nice indie tune. I did like this, the soft guitar was plesant and the vocals suited very well. Some soft shakers would have boosted it up a bit like you have going on in the monkeys and the sea. Overall great work.
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