hey, iv got an interview for brighton institute of modern music into the professional foundation course in about a month. One of the things i need to prepare is a tune no longer than 4 minutes to play.

I havnt a clue which song to do for them, preferably something that covers a fair few areas in techniques. Can anyone help me out here and give me some ideas?

inb4 canon rock;

play them for the love of god.
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for the love of god is a nice song, but almost too minutes too long, and not exactly foundation material :P
I'd reccomend a classical piece, or anything else that uses a lot of the neck, you need to show versatility in your playing to impress them, and that you can move around.
summer song? or any satriani.

if you feel gutsy, try blitzkrieg :P
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satriani sounds good, i do know a fair bit of satch boogy already. cheers for the help, keep the ideas coming
Write something of your own. That way you will be able to fit all the techniques in that you want.

If its a month away you have plenty of time.
write your own +1. you can demonstrate your range all you want and not be limited to what song your playing. I think it would be more impressive as well, as anyone can copy anothers technique or style, but it takes talent to create your own.
The Legendary Theme - It's in my contributions, It blends soft rock with a nice smooth melody.
Paganini bit from Crossroads?

*wishes i could play that personally*

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Whatever you do, don't do eruption.

You could always try Hendrix's famous rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, however, this can be considered by some to be noise, not music.

Purple Haze is a good one (if you're playing a live version, its abut 3 minutes and 30 seconds)
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Or how about you take a song that sounds good, even if it is a little long, then kinda chop it into bits, and peice them back together, like a jigsaw puzzle, but make it sound liek it was meant to be that way.Then add a few of your own little bits and peices to that.That will definately impress them.