Hey recently picked up one of these and i really do think itis the dogs bollocks. So many different effects accurately pumped out, got a really good deal on it as well.
But got chatting to a guy i know , the pedal came up and apparently he doesnt rate them at all, neither do alot of guitarists. so was wondering if any UG ers had one and if they did what do they make of it?
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Ahh, that makes sense.
Well if by "alot of guitarists" you mean famous guitarists, that's because usually the individual stomp-box pedals will sound better than when they are used in a multi-effects unit. The multi-effects is a digital model, where as the pedal is the real analog signal modification.

I've always thought the GT series were pretty well respected though, for what they are. I sometimes regret getting rid of my ME-50.
nah i mean just other guys i know who play. I love mine , and got it for cheap enough. Reckon the individual boxes are coherent and maybe the difference is apparent when your recording but i cant tell the difference between my individual boxes and the gt6.