havent played one myself, but i almost got one too! i decided against it cos i found out i could get a caparison horus really cheap, so i did

but really, the xiphos is supposed to be absoloutely amazing; everything i've heard about it has been positive, even if they did just steal jacksons "warrior" body shape...

edit: i havent seen that particular model before... looks like a cheaper version without the dimarzios...
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apparently they try and market it totally separate from the "warrior "shape xiphos.
but ye the xiphos costs you a bit more fromwhat ive heard.
really like the look and the very few reviews ive found!, no one any experience with this model
i got this guitar for my birtday not too long ago, but i love it completely. its a really good guitar from what ive seen so far. the only thing hard to get is a case for it. there around $150 and there really ockward to carry.
I don't like the 300

The bolt on really takes away from it being much more accessible.

If you can get the 700 w/the fixed bridge I'd say do it
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Dude its knw 2011 and i'm sure u bought this guitar and memorized every single detail about it...
you see,i'm looking forward to get the same guitar this week and i would really appreciate it if you give me a brief review concerning it
thnx in advance

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Seriously....No more necrobumps....

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