Hey there, i have here a 40gb ps3 that i have had for around 3 months. This is in exellent condition. I need to sell this ASAP as i need money by thursday so i am offering this amazing deal at 150 pounds!. This includes the console, a controller, power supply, tv cable, manuals and box, pretty much everything it came with. I will include the game Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Pm me if you are intrersted, i can get pictures on request.

Like i say this deal will only be on for today and tomorrow as i need the money by thursday so think fast and get it while your can!
pm sent

Wilkinson EZ lok Tuners - £15
Dunlop 535q Multiwah - £80

Offers/Trades anyone?
Bump this really needs to go, got 1 person interested, no one else interested at this price?
I MIGHT be interested, do trades? i have a guitar in 2 pieces i may interested in trading and a Dimarzio HS-3
My Gear:
Ibanez RG550M Dimarzio TZ + Paf Pro
Ibanez RG550R Dimarzio TZ in Bridge
Ibanez TS9>Vox AD50VT.

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Will you ship to the USA?

That's what I was thinking. No idea what that amounts to in dollars now a days.
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