Hi, could someone tell me if a maple board would realy feel that different to a rosewood? I know maple is "brighter" sounding but will it have a noticabelely different feel to the hand?
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I find maple smoother to play.
That could either be oil or clearcoat mind.

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I just think maple looks better with the old-school tint to it
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i find them to play differently, but its not something i can really put into words. i was always a little put off by the first few maple fretboards i tried, so i just go straight to rosewood fretboards now. its something you have to try out to see what you prefer.
i definately like the feel of rosewood on my finger tips than maple. It's softer and makes me play faster IMO. It's all personal preferance though.
It really doesn't make a difference playability wise. If you're a good guitarist, you won't suck on Maple and kick ass on Rosewood or vise-versa.
My Gryphon has a rosewood fretboard and I can feel the wood, it feels like wood and I like that feel. My little bro's MIM Strat has a maple fretboard and I don't really like it, it feels like some laquer on it, it isn't as organic or woody. I like rosewood. Also gives me a warmer sound.
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I love Ebony as its just so dense and has such a solid, reliable feel without losing the texture of wood. Only tried Maple a few times and the odd feeling was a bit off-putting for me. Then again, I have no love of Fender type guitars anyway, so I'm a bit biased.
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I prefer the feel of a rosewood fingerboard over the maple one. Never played a ebony one tho, at least not that i know of. I would think that the difference in tone is minimal, so its mostly down to what feels better for you.
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This might be a little off topic, but how do you go about cleaning a maple fretboard. I've read that you can use lemon oil on rosewood fretboard but don't use them on maple. How do you go about cleaning them? Damp cloth?
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Rosewood looks better in my opinion.
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This might be a little off topic, but how do you go about cleaning a maple fretboard. I've read that you can use lemon oil on rosewood fretboard but don't use them on maple. How do you go about cleaning them? Damp cloth?

From the Godin Performance Series user manual for two types of fingerboards, maple only requiring minimal maintenance.
For Rosewood fingerboards we suggest removing the strings and applying lemon oil to a cloth, then working the oil into your fingerboard. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes before wiping off the excess. This should be done at least once a year. Doing so not only cleans and avoids cracking it also keeps your fingerboard from losing its lustre. Generally, maple fingerboards are pretty much maintenance free. However if the neck starts feeling sticky you can use a slightly damp polishing cloth without any guitar cleaner on it followed by a dry cloth.

Source: www.godinguitars.com

Check the manual for your particular guitar.

On topic, every guitar I have ever owned has been either Ebony or Rosewood, I am sure there must be a reason, but for the life of me I can't give you an answer, it just worked out that way.
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Personal preference to comfort & feel I think but here's some pro's & con's

Maple -
Pro Keeps clean easier and won't dry out
Con, finish wears thru eventually and more trouble to refret or re-level, generally only dot markers are used as they need to be installed after finishing.

Rosewood -
Pro able to refret, replane surface easier, usually upgraded position markers can be used Con - wood collects sweat and needs periodic cleaning and reconditioning
Moving on.....
It is really a personal preference thing. I've played both for many years, and now I'm on a maple neck kick, and haven't touch my rosewood Strat for a few weeks. People say that the maple necks are brighter, but I'd say try both through your rig for you to make the call.
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Maple - Pro Keeps clean easier
Sorry, I have to disagree with that.
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Sorry, I have to disagree with that.

What I meant was it (maple) doesn't have pores which trap sweat like rosewood does because the wood is sealed. I didn't ean it didn't have to be wiped. My Peavey T60 and Music Man were both Maple and they were simpler to maintain.
Moving on.....
For me, there is a definite difference in feel. I prefer the maple fretboards. I think they feel fast, are much smoother and generally better on my fingers. Do get me wrong rosewoods are nice too. I actually have a rosewood fretboard and wouldn’t give it up. But, my next purchase will have a maple fretboard. Go to a shop, play around a bit on a maple and rosewood, you’ll feel the difference. Maple fretboard on a sunburst strat is beautiful sight.
Maple look way better and play better for some reason.

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Maple and Ebony are a little easier to clean the Rosewood, just because Rosewood has those darn pores. I dislike the look of Maple on most guitars. I don't notice much different in feel and none in speed. I dunno about you guys but I don't go dragging my fingers against the fretboard when I play. I use jumbo frets and medium-light touch though.
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for me, it would mainly be feel, looks, and then tone because the effects it has on tone are noticeable, but arent as prevalent as the neck wood or the body shape. maple to me feels sticky and i'm sure a lot of people know what i'm talking about. It just feels sticky, but adds a bit of twang and brightness. ebony is similar in tone, and is an option if you liek maple tone, but like rosewood feel/looks.
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with something like this, it all comes down to personal preferance
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The only difference I ever found was that the maple get visibly dirtier ALOT faster than a rosewood...
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I have both and find no great difference. I would just choose which suits you when you play the guitar.