At work typing this on my phone so I dunno if it'll work right. Somewhat of a test of my inproductivity, if I may be so bold as to invent words.

I once met an old prospector

I brought him a clock
I'd crushed with my bare hands
He sifted through the shards and sands
And didn't even find a minute speck of gold
I think this exemplifies the feeling very well. I really can't think of much useful to say about it
I'd change the last line to "And didn't find a single speck of gold". And I'd make it longer, although I must say this has its own little charm.
but then you lose the word play. I thought this was alright but you've done better little things like this. I'd consider dropping "even" if anything.
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Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me