well, as you can probably guess, i'm off to buy an amp.
i've been to my local store but they only carry fender hot rod deluxe, crate v18(and v 50) and vox ac30cc2.
i need good overdrive so this is a no for HRD, i tried crate and it's just not verstile enoguh for me... didn't even bother trying out ac30 since it isn't footswitchable.. and i do switch channels, even more times during one song.
so there is no more options in the local store... the internet...
first my budget... well, i suppose i could say it's "unlimited" as i'm currently saving up... but the fact is I'm not willing to wait forever so i can buy an amp i don't even really need.
so i guess it's somewhere around 1000€(i live in europe). that's 1260$ in direct conversion.

i checked some online stores for amps in this range(rouglhy 700-1000&euro.
i ruled out thisngs like hot rods... because i need good overdriven sound and i hear those don't quite offer it and some amps i just didn't like...
and came up with this..

laney lc-50 112
kustom 36 coupe 112
hughes&kettner statesman dual el84 (or mybe even quad el84)
peavey classic 50

i probably have to tell something about my style... not really sure. i'm still kinda looking for my sound... i can just say i need pretty versatile amp. both celan and drive. for clean, some warm full tone, genneraly don't use fender-style sparkly one... but it doesn't hurt if it's availible.
for drive... don't need any insane high gain... sometimes i play mettalica... but thats extreme... most of the time like g'n'r or lower gain... or more classic sound.
hard to define because i'm still finding out...

i have mixed feelings about the DSL... it's marshall, so the cleans aren't sopoosed to be really good.
from what i heard the screamer is made for high gain stuff and can handle lower... but i'm not interested in insane gain so i'm not sure if it'll do best.
i played the statesman once... but not for long so i can't be sure.. i liked what i heard back then, but again i didn't had the chance to fully explore this amp... i'll try to arrange myself some time to check it out(a not-so-close friend of mine owns one)
the peavey... i had a chance to try out classic 30. was ok.. but not quite what i want... i'll allmost certaily have chance to try it again(and explore sonic posibilities abit) this or next weekend... so if classic 50 is alot alike...
and i don't know anything about laney or kustom... so i need some input here. the down side is i almost can't get to try them...of course will try if they are most reccomended..

currently i'm leaning towards hughes&kettner's statesman... but i'll have to try it again...

oh yes..the aplication for the amp.. i play in a band currently... so it'll be for band practice and small gigs(PA for big of course), not quite for home practice because i wont be lugging it to each band practice and home again...

any input is apreciated...
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i dont know much about the amps in question but i was testing the rat out at my local shop and i was runnning it though a kustom amp but not sure what model or anything and the cleans where really nice and handled the rat really well but not sure what its distortion was like
Orange AD30 would be my recommendation.

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LC50 has fender sparkle and pretty good distort, but the 50watt will be enough to kill you, so save sone $ and get the LC30, its plenty loud for you =] thats what i have right now. ass kicker. can't tell you much about the others though.

Well as the owner of an H&K Statesman, that's what I'd have to suggest myself. Before I get into that I'll cover the other amps you mentioned since I've had experience with most of them.


Not a ton of experience with this one, but from what little experience I've had with it, I wasn't all that impressed. It sounded kind of sterile to me, especially on the dirty channel. It struck me as one of those amps that's meant to be run with tons of pedals and effects. Again though, my experience is limited, so I wouldn't discount it.

kustom 36 coupe:

Borrowed one of these from my local shop for a couple of weeks. Sounds great, and the solo boost function is a very very nice feature. However I've found that the two channels are very unbalanced, meaning that if you EQ the OD channel up so it sounds perfect, the clean channel will sound super bright, thin and brittle. Meanwhile if you EQ to your clean channel, chances are your OD channel is going to be a bassy pile of mud, which really caused problems for band practice.


Not a big fan. It's great at what it does, but what it does seems kinda limited. Cleans aren't great like you said. I do like the OD on this one a lot, and it's got a nice range of gain, but I just didn't find it that versatile.


This is an incredible amp, and had I not bought a Statesman I would have gone for this. It doesn't have the super high gain that you'd normally expect from an ENGL, and the lead lo-gain channel is a brilliant thing. It is however a much more modern sounding amp, which is why I opted for the Statesman instead.

Peavey Classic 50

Is garbage. You have to really push the amp to get a good sound, and the 50 watt is so incredibly loud that you really can't do that unless you're in a huge huge room. The 30 watt is a better choice, but I wouldn't recommend that either. The clean channel breaks up way too early, and it sounds BAD. About the worst natural clean OD I've ever heard. The OD channel is really nice, but not very versatile. The boost feature also can't operated by footswitch, which is downright stupid. Also they're not the least bit reliable. I bought one, and within 8 months I had to replace all the tubes twice. I finally got the store to give me a new one, and continued to have problems with the tubes blowing out.

Orange AD30 since someone mentioned it.

I hate Orange. I've never got a good sound from one. Ever. They're hugely popular with local bands, and I've never heard any of them get even a remotely pleasant sound out of them either. Not only that, but they always sound exactly the same. They only time they really sound good is when major bands use them with huge racks full of effects and things.

And finally the Statesman.

I just can't say enough good things about this amp. It's incredibly versatile, and I've yet to find a tone that I can't get a reasonable copy of. While it definitely is a vintage sounding amp, I've managed to coax some pretty convincing modern sounds out of it too. I've managed everything from G'n'R to Joe Satriani to a surprisingly good Metallica tone. From super low gain to super high gain it just sounds fantastic. The clean channel is brilliant and sparkling, or if you really crank it, you get a really rich warm overdriven sound. It's also got a twang button which is supposed to make the clean channel more like a fender amp. While this isn't exactly the result you get, it does have a nice effect. The OD channel is among the best I've ever heard, the only downside to it is that it can get quite bassy with the gain cranked up.

The EQ reminds me of Mesa amps. By which I mean each setting directly impacts the other settings. It's exactly why the amp is so versatile, but it can be tough to get used to, and if you've got a problem with your tone, it's not always obvious how to fix it. Still, once you figure it out, it's brilliant.

There are a couple downsides. First as I mentioned before, it does get a little bassy and slightly muddy with the gain up high, especially with boost on. It's never caused a huge problem for me, but still it's worth mentioning.

Second, the FX loop is series and not parallel. I'm not sure if this applies to only the 20 watt, or both the 20 and 40 watt versions. To be honest, I have NO idea what this means, and it's really made no difference to me. I run echo and occasionally a 10 band EQ through the loop, and I've got no complaints. Still I mention it because I've heard a lot of complaints about it.

Last, it's a little bit picky about OD pedals. The right OD pedals will make this amp sound even more brilliant than it already is. The wrong OD pedal will make it sound like a fuzzy blob of mids, and the unfortunate truth is that more are bad than good. So if you're an OD pedal user, you'll probably have to invest in something good like the Xotic BB, or the Fulltone OCD, or some kind of good clean boost.

I've gigged with both the 20 and 40 watt versions of this, and I ended up getting the 20 watt version. It's the perfect volume where I can have my clean channel cranked to the point of a really nice breakup, but I can pull back the guitar volume for a really clear clean sound. I'd only recommend the 40 watt version if your band plays super loud, you're adamant about a perfectly clean sound, or you've got a ham fisted drummer. Otherwise the 20 watt is the way to go.

It's also fairly light so lugging it to practices and gigs is no big deal if you choose to do so.
wow. thanx for this long answer.
looknig at what you wrote... statesman seems just perfect for me. i will try to get ahold of an Engl because nothing beats ears but that will be hard, and i can get the statesman for an "inspection" from a friend hopefully.
also the difference in price means i would be able to buy it like a month earlier wich is great also.

abotu 20 vs 40W.... i tried the 20. and it was LOUD. i was wearing earplugs to crank this thing... i guess my ears would still be ringing now otherwise did't try it with the band but i hope i will be able soon.. and our band isn't really loud... in fackt we're not that loud at all... so this shouldn't be a problem..

and for bassy OD... i quite sure it's much better than now. i'm currently using Ibanez TBX150R (**** i know, don't like the sound but it's the only thing i've got). and it's terrible. when i "crank" it(at max it sounds just crap... so like halfway there), the bass just comes out and i can't fix it with the EQ. also on the clean channel, the treble comes out with volume, also can't be really fix'd. furtunatly enough i play on lower volumes most of the time.

thx angain. will try to check engl, but looks like statesman now
traynor YCV50 blue might be worthwhile to check out...
fender clean channel and marshall drive channel.. EQ on each channel, boost on Drive channel, brightness switch on clean, real spring reverb, EL34 powertubes, clestion vintage 30 speaker. amazing amp
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