Sorry guyz I'm a complete theory n00b...

I've just started writing a song that sounds pretty funky, I use mainly 2 chords, I don't know the names so i'll try to do a tab drawing:
------- -----
--5--- --3--
--5--- --5--
--5--- --4--
--0--- --5--
------ ------

I was just wondering whether you guyz could tell me any scales that would work here. I wouldn't mind any ideas on other chords/licks/riffs/whatever the hell you want, to go with these chords either.

Thankyou in advance
it's in g major so far
well from what i know anyway
and im not too sure on the chords either
sounds rather jazzy if you ask me
well funk can go both ways.

You can stay classic funk and use pentatonic major/minors and just use extended chords for harmonic embellishments.

Or you could take the fusion way and actually play around with chords with some jazz injected licks.

This progression however is a Dorian like Vamp, so A Dorian would work on this.

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