ok so I am still somewhat a noob on guitar I've been playing for about a year but still am green on alot of things

My main questions is this I really want to get this pedal sometime http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-RC20XL-Loop-Station?sku=151352

or maybe the Akia Headrush instead (btw any thoughts on which one?!?! the boss has just alittle bit better review but I was leaning towards the akia because I like the button you step on better but I've always liked boss anyway moving on)

so I heard someone say that a looper pedal like that is a great great practice tool and will help you improve is this true? because i was thinking there is other stuff i should buy before this or is this worth it? btw not to sound cocky but I've been a drummer for 8 going on 9 years so my tempo and time is already pretty good
They are good for looping a chord progression and playing lead over it. Among many other things. All in all, a great practice tool.
Yea loop pedals are fun to practice with and I would say that it helps you get better because you can always just play some chords and jam with your self?
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