Right, basically, I'm currently using either a Hohner SG Lion (with HSS EMG Select pickups) or an MIM Fender Strat through a Behringer X V-amp (for all my distortion and effects) into a Torque TK50 (keyboard amp), which I got when I bought the Hohner second-hand.

I have a bit of money now, and I'm wondering what this forum thinks the best way of improving my tone (which actually isn't too bad) would be. I play punk, classic rock, some thrash kind-of-stuff (though not much) and some clean rhythm things.

I was thinking either:
- A proper set of pickups (Seymour Duncans or something) for the Hohner guitar;
- A Blackheart Killer Ant head (or similar really low-wattage valve head) which i can play through the Torque's speaker after a bit of work with some wire-cutters and a soldering iron;
- Some new pedals (probably an overdrive-distortion, wah and octave generator because I occasionally jam in a band with no bass player)

Although any other suggestions would be most welcome. Budget would probably be around £150.

Definitely a new amp...sell gear if you need to, but definitely get a better amp.

What sort of sound are you looking for?
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What do you mean by a bit of money now? I agree though, new amp would be the best way to go.
Thanks for the advice.

Versatility is always a plus, but I'm looking for something that can do both late-80's Metallica and has decent midrange should I need it.

And by "a bit of money now," I mean that I didn't have any money but now I do so I'm looking to buy some gear
-1 to new amp. A keyboard amp will suit you fine, but the V-Amp has got to go. You can get some decent modeling for 150 pounds. A Line 6 Floor Pod is a good idea...
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

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Thanks for the input everyone.

Spencer (if that's what you wish to be called) - doesn't Line6 have quite a bad reputation? Or is that just the Spider?

Also, the rest of you, what kind of amp would you recommend? I play Vox AD50-VT's at school and they're great, so that could be a possible route. That said I wouldn't be using my amp to gig much or band practice, as all of that is done at school with the Vox's.
Just the spiders. Most of Line 6's gear is quite good.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.