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Digitech Hardwire DL 8 Delay/Looper
3 50%
Electro Harmonix Memory Man
3 50%
Voters: 6.
Which one should i buy and why?? i'm looking for a looper but want a delay i think there's more choice with the Digitech but my friend swears by his memory man?? help!!

should i pick

Digitech Hardwire DL 8 Delay/Looper


electro harmonix memory man with hazari
I would suggest the digitech. Just for the fact that it can do more.
Neither I was just checking out seymour duncan's website to see if they have any new pedals because I have the shape shifter and it's freakin amazing. Turns out they have a new delay pedal called the deja vu and the thing is ridiculous. I'll probably be trading in my DD6 for it. It can be completely digital or analog or a mixture, it has modulation, tap tempo, and you can have true bypass or let it continue the repeats after you turn it off.
i have the digitech dl-8 and it's an awesome pedal. it's the same pedal as the boss dd-7 except it has a nice tap tempo and you can loop up to 20 seconds of guitar. i love it and think it's an awesome pedal. I've never tried the other pedal you mentioned but the dl-8 is fantastick
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