Is it ok to rapidly switch channels on a tube amp, going from clean to distorted for music like Nirvana's?

Do the tubes run at constant power or do some in the preamp get activated only when the gain channel is selected?
What Nirvana song switches so quickly? And no, that's not going to be an issue or anything.
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all of the tubes should be recieving power at all times, but that doesnt mean that they have signal running through them. a lot of amps will have separate preamp tubes for each channel, so they only have signal running through them when that channel is active.

and no, it shouldnt hurt the tubes to switch channels a bunch. might put some wear on the relay if you are using a footswitch, but those things shouldnt break down anyway. so basicly, i cant see it being a problem.
Most of them. Nirvana are known for their " quiet-loud" playing style.
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