Hey its me Matt again. wanted to quickly say thanks for answering my last post if you wer one of those people

I'v been looking through the list of registerd guitar Tutors in my area thanks to a link that was given to me in my last forum post (thanks you so much for that) anyways im looking at a couple of guitar tutors at the moment and i was wondering if this scenario is such a big problem. heres what im thinking.

Guitar tutor #1: lives very close, i get to go to his place and learn in his studio he teaches Electric guitar and Begginers Bass only

Guitar tutor #2: lives a little further away and teaches Electric guitar and certain ACOUSTIC guitar catagories (such as fingerpicking but doesnt teach Folk Music) and begginers Bass

(The Bass lessons are not what im after) but the thing is i play alot of acoustic guitar and if i choose guitar tutor 1 will that effect my playing in anyway? is learning just electric guitar a good idea for me because i like a whole different range of music and switch styles constantly.

PLEASE NOTE: iv never had a guitar lesson in my life so my ignorance is unending :P spell it out to me like a 5 year old please ^_^

nah i switch between the 2 alot, i play both equally and enjoy both the same as eachother