Are Invaders really as bad as everyone on others threads here make it to be?
I don't need a perfect clean sound, just something half- decent, I play almost exclusively distorted sounds. The Jackson DK2S has a SD JB TB-4 in the bridge, would it be worth the change to an Invader to play Pantera, A7X (go on and hate me),and also other metal like Metallica, or would it be better to stick with the JB?

Please don't just say "they just suck", but I'd want an explanation if you can (or can't) a clean sound out of it that isn't embarrasing when playing live?

It probably will be, but just want to be sure: would the Invader work with the Sustainiac in the neck or would it interfere (for some reason i can't think of)?

edit. on a side note: do coil-splitted pups work with the sustainiac? )can't find proof it wouldn't or would) otherwise I could split the invader and use i split-wise for clean sound. I'll probably use mid and neck for clean but, anyways, just wanted to know.
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Invaders are the muddiest pickups I have ever heard. They have a pretty high output, but the muddiness is too much for me to bear. The cleans are crap as well.
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I've got one in my LP's bridge position and it's the best pickup ever.
I play punk rock tho

btw...cleans kicks ass with invaders.
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Invaders are the muddiest pickups I have ever heard. They have a pretty high output, but the muddiness is too much for me to bear. The cleans are crap as well.

I agree with the crap cleans, if you do get them - Have a seperate guitar for cleans. But the muddiness isn't really a problem I've had to be honest.

I have a set in my FMT-HH Tele' and they work well for heavier/distorted playing, but the cleans are pretty terrible. I'm probably going to buy some new pickups soon though because the cleans really are that terrible.

If all you play is heavy/distorted, then you'll love them. If you want clean aswell - Don't bother, you'll be let down.
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I honestly don't know why people think the cleans are so bad. I mean it's not a pretty, smooth clean but it's got a pretty good clean sound I think. It's a crunchier clean if anything
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
It seems comparable to my SD Dimebucker from what I've heard. I'm actually not really mad at it, but I cant use it for cleans at all. So if i want any other tone i have to use my middle single coil.
It's not like I use the bridge pup for clean alot. At home or when recording I use middle and neck single coils. It's just live when playing Master of Puppets and i don't have the time to change pups while singing, thne I'd like the tone to be semi-acceptable. If it means making a separate preset in my amp, then no problem.