I have started writing a CD and have been writing for it for a while now. I consider myself to be pretty good at guitar and bass, but I haven't crossed the final frontier: singing. At first I was going to have it be instrumental, but I really want to give this everything I've got, which means writing lyrics and singing them. I want it to be a sort of death metal type of CD. My question is: do you guys have any pointers for writing lyrics AND also singing/ screaming? Whenever I try singing along with favourite bands and stuff, my voice sounds really bad to me. How do I improve at this?
You practice.

I'd love to help you with this but I honestly think the answer seems pretty damn obvious.
My brother weent to a death metal concert, he said that the guy said to scream like death metal, you have to kind of talk like the cookie monster
Well first I would get a second, third, fourth opinion on your singing. Not many people hear themselves and know what to think. I dont think I sing well, but I've been told otherwise. Just have someone you trust give some honest feedback.
for songwriting just remember, even when screaming (and yes death metal is the shiznit deicide r gods) to write lyrics that sound good out loud as well as in written form. This includes the timing of the words and even the texture of the consonants and vowels of the words. For instance, "a sense of lugubrious drollery in the sight" (Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness) looks awesome on paper, but if u screamed it out it would be really lame. Cradle of filth is actually really good at writing lyrics that are both awesome on paper (one of my fav lines is "now i dream, enwrapped in clouds of the sweetest oblivion) and when sung/screamed. Never use cliche's cos those piss the **** out of me (if u listen to a pop song u can almost always guess the next line because of the overused rhymes and sentence structures). But simplicity and being direct is also key.
oh yeah and also record yourself singing and listen unbiased-ly or ask someone else. Remmeber, your screaming style may be different. There are many forms of screaming (black, death, gaymetalcorea7x****, etc. and yeh asking other people for honest opinions on your singing is good too.