Hi all new to the forum and in need of some help, so here goes, Many many years ago i was unfortunate enough to have my left wrist skated over at my local ice rink resulting in my tendons being cut, luckily my wrist was repaired to such a degree that every day life is not affected at all, until that is i came to learn guitar, i simply dont have the stretch to play a regular size guitar.

This brings me to my question, can anyone recommend a short scale guitar, i really want to learn the guitar so would be grateful of any advice offered, BTW, I won't be playing in a band, this is for home use only so i can play my favorite tunes, that being ACDC, at the same time i would like something with decent quality. Cheers
Hey Rocksock. Sory to hear about your accident!

This is the New Members Q&A forum, where members can introduce themselves and ask questions about the running of the site. I suggest you try over in Guitar and Bass Basics They would have a better idea as to where you could try.

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