So I've got this annoying "problem" going on whenever I play something with high gain based on say the two bottom strings, or two of the top, basically anything thats not just a chord really. It's worst with basic metal type riffs with chugging on a root and playing other notes in between. Obviously when you do something like that, you have to mute the other strings or you get that nasty sound of them vibrating, but on my guitar this seems to happen to the extreme. I haven't played countless guitars, but it seems like I can manage to play without thinking about muting excessively whenever I play another guitar. Mine, I just seem to get that ugly sound even if I'm trying to mute the other strings.

My guitar and what I use are in my sig, and in addition to using guitar rig I use a Vox Metal headphone amp whenever I'm not at my computer. Would it have something to do with my relatively cheap guitar? Would it be the pickups causing the problem? I've adjusted the pickup height and cleaned up the sound overall but the problem is just as bad. Even though I've only been playing since late last year, I'm pretty damn sure that I know how I'm supposed to be playing these type of riffs, but I wouldnt totally rule out it being my own error.

I started noticing this problem more after I took the crap stock strings off the guitar around christmas, and even more after I blocked my trem, which would make sense since it would be easier for the vibration to travel through the guitar to the unused strings...

Any suggestions?
Take the volume knob on your guitar and set it to 7-9, it really helps, and if that doesn't work, try doing the same thing with your gain on your amp
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