I'll be direct to the point...

Basically I just got a cube30X today,
I'am in a band,
I usually rent equipment from the local rehearsal studio,
We arent a metal band so we arent that loud,
I want to know if my amp will be loud enough to compete with the drums

dont know if anything like this has already been posted, if it has sorry
thanks in advance guys
definatly. i use my cube 20 and its still heard over my leadfooted drummer. seriously, it should be loud enough.

EDIT: for giging, hook it up to a PA. Just to be sure everyone can hear you.
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Hooked up to a PA yes, you'll have to put it on a fair whack otherwise unless you have a drummer that can resist pounding the crap outta his kit
will be loud enough for rehearsels, but when playing a gig youll need to hook it up to a PA and make sure you got a friend with a good ear in the crowd for the soundcheck to make sure everyone can be heard well
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Depends on the acoustics of the room. It doesn't matter as much how well you guys can here eachother as it does the audience hearing each of you. Make sure you tilt the amp though, so the sound is projected better.
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I have tried using the old 30 one, and it's pretty hard to cut through at times. Works fairly well though as long as you're keeping it low. No way in hell you'll be able to get that rock feeling with it though.