Hi all new to the forum and in need of some help, so here goes, Many many years ago i was unfortunate enough to have my left wrist skated over at my local ice rink resulting in my tendons being cut, luckily my wrist was repaired to such a degree that every day life is not affected at all, until that is i came to learn guitar, i simply dont have the stretch to play a regular size guitar.

This brings me to my question, can anyone recommend a short scale guitar, i really want to learn the guitar so would be grateful of any advice offered, BTW, I won't be playing in a band, this is for home use only so i can play my favorite tunes, that being ACDC, at the same time i would like something with decent quality. Cheers
well you could try some stretching exercises foryour finger. Or if not go to a local guitar shop and ask them for one that would be best for your budget
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could always try a lefty guitar. that way you wouldn't have to play a cut down, but it would take longer to get used to
Your best bet is probably going with a left-handed guitar. Since you're starting from square one, it should be about the same as learning with a normal guitar.
Bollox to that, thats not his/her best bet at all.

MaXiMuse is right, nobody picks up the guitar and finds that stretch comfortable in the first few days.

Stick at it I say, if it's still really hard/painful in a month or two then thats the time to consider your options. Until then you're just a beginner trying to learn and adapt just like everyone else.

Good luck.
IM with Free on this one. My dad had a moterbike accident, as a result he lost the use of 70% percent of his left arm and hand. He trained himself up again and he can play drums and guitar just as well as he used too.
Maybe its just too early in your learning to play to consider phsyical limits, like a month ago i just assumed my fingers were too short to make certain stretches, i was wrong.
Come back in a month or so, and if you need too, ask the same question.

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