Okay, whenever I open ezdrummer up as an fx on an audio track, it will not let me drag and drop the file onto the sonar track. It says "Cannot find or open file". argggg, what do I do?
?? No. I can hear the files through ezdrummer, but I'm just not able to drag and drop them into sonar. The ezdrummer gets loaded through sonar as a vst plugin.

Edit: Okay, I found the problem. I right clicked Sonar and ran as administrator and it allows me to drag and drop the midi files from Ezdrummer from within Sonar.

However, another problem has occured...
Whenever I doubleclick the drumtrack to open the piano roll and I mouse over it, without even clicking anything, it does that in the picture... wtf?
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dunno, but as a guess it will be something like mouse settings within the sonar options/prefs, or perhaps for the drum/midi editor itself. or you may have some odd tool switched on
I had the same problem on Win 7 x64, all I had to do is run Sonar as Administrator. A bit annoying I know.