I'm not really crazy about Alpha and Omega. I was stoked to see them at Sound and Fury but after seeing several bands play identical sounding sets, they didn't really stand out for me. The vocalist sounds a little too much like George from Blacklisted for my liking.
this band doesn't really do it for me. I mean they are heavy and all but the riffs are really generic.
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i like these guys a lot, but they've slowly started to fade away from my playlist.
anyone known if they've put anything else out other than devil's bed?
was supposed to see them sometime in april, but i think they might have canceled.
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This band is pretty good, I wouldn't say band of the month. They get compared to Blacklisted a lot on my local board, too.

Just trying to introduce a band that doesn't get much talk around here.
It's crazy how few good hardcore bands don't get talked about around here. There's the regulars that know the good from the bad, but every thread about good music generally turns into a consensus somewhere along the lines of "ya, this band is good." I cannot even fathom how those deathcore/nu-metalcore kids consistently talk up the same bands for hundreds of posts heaping the exact same praises on them.
I've heard of them before but never put in effort to give them a listen.

They're pretty good. Does sound a lot like Blacklisted, though.
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I like these guys a lot, even though last.fm directed me to a dub band at first. The vocalist definitely sounds JUST like the guy from Blacklisted, but not the riffs so much. It's a bit to metalcore ish for me at times, but definitely good stuff. I'll be seeing them at UBF.
just saw them yestrday at united blood, it was a decent set, i was never a huge fan of this band but their not bad
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