Hello everyone!

For the first time my band has now recorded a song that was composed by each and every member instead of jut me haha.

It is called "Speaking Against the Sun"

You can listen to it at


Please listen, give some feedback, and add us if you like!
The song is interesting, but the guitar solo sounds out of tune, or maybe it's just the tone.
I know what it's like to write most of the bands material, I'm happy for you that you got the others to contribute.

Listening to you other stuff now.
Care to check mine out? Link in the sig.
Oil Paints is pretty catchy, I like it. The recording is a bit lo fi, I think if it were cleaned up it would be a really great track. (Plus, I'd like a little less midrange on the guitar, but that's not something you should change if you are satisfied with it)

The rest sounds quite promising also. Good luck running shows! I think you guys will be a hit!