hi folks,

i'm currently using a slightly knackered, old marshall g15 cd r with a 'park' speaker for bedroom practice. once a week, me and another 3 old guys go into a rehearsal room for a 3 hour jam. when i go to jam, i hire a marshall or crate combo, at a very reasonable rate.
what i'm thinking is, i might buy an amp for both situations. good quiet sound for home, but loud enough to be heard over a live unmic'd drummer...

also, i was wondering if any of those 5 watt valve combo's were any good...? if only for home use... as i say, i can hire an amp for pennies.

we mainly play classic rock stuff. i don't use effects much, other than a bit of reverb. i like to do a bit of clean, or gritty single coil stuff at home now and then. when i record, i go through a yamaha dg stomp (amp/cab sim with fx) straight into a mac.

what does everyone think? i'm a bit out of touch with all the new gear out there these days, and could use some help to narrow the search a bit!

Something like a cube 30 or 60 should meet your twin needs perfectly and you'll be better at the jams with an amp you know really well. I'd go with the 60, budget permitting but I'm used to drummers you need to crank a bit to be heard with.
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Quote by wullybeeman
also, i was wondering if any of those 5 watt valve combo's were any good...? if only for home use...

I can safely say I was wondering much the same thing, on much the same budget.
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.
For home use the 5 watt'rs are very good. You could probably have fun with a drummer in a basement or garage but wouldn't have a lot of clean headroom, if any at higher volume. But it would be fine for practicing by yourself. But like you said, you would have to hire an amp for other occasions.

Something that can do both at probably not too much more would be what 311 suggested. 30 watt tube amps sound fine at home volumes, and finer cranked up a bit when you can. So that's a decision you have to make on which direction to go.

Try a Blackstar HT-5h with the 1x12 cab, HB Ga5, Vibro Champ, Epi Valve Jr. See what you think of those 5 watt'rs.

Then try a couple Laney's, VC and LC 15's and 30 wattrs. There are endless amps to recommend for you to try but with a budget of "enough" it's hard to say - that's an open ended budget to some people. I mean are you willing to go $1000 and up or are you trying to be reasonable? Some people have big budgets.
Well, you could go for a Laney VC15 or VC30, they do low gain stuff nicely:

If you feel like spending a little more, the Laney Lionheart is a good choice. It's somewhat like the VC amps, but it sounds 'smoother', for the lack of a better word. Very high sound quality, at least to my ears. There's also a cab for it, though any other cab would work, too:


There is also a 5 watt combo version. You'd have a hard time playing with this if one of the guys you jam with is a drummer, as it is not too loud. It's a perfect little blues and rock combo for home use though. I'm pondering whether I should get one myself.


Last and most expensive option I can think of is an Engl Classic. It sounds a little different from the Laneys, it does the Fender Bassman thing pretty well. It is seriously loud, I don't know whether you'd need that much power:


There's also other small combos you could check out, like Blackhearts. The sound quality isn't as high as with the other ones I mentioned, but they are dirt cheap in comparison and their 15 watt amp, the Handsome Devil, will definitely be loud enough for what you're doing:

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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
5 watts will probably not get you over a drummer.

Peavey Classic 30 or
Laney VC30

sorry, i didn't make myself very clear, there... i wasn't thinking 5 watts to get over the drummer. it was more " by the way, are those 5 watt valve amps any good?"

thanks for the 2 recommendations, though!!
the budget... i was thinking £300 or thereabouts, which i figured ought to be 'enough' for something to fulfill my amplification needs.

reading back, it looks like i was being a bit of a ****!

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Sorry for pestering you with this, but I really think it is a good option.

You weren't alone. I agree it's a good option as well.