Hi all

I'm playing Nighttrain by guns 'n roses which is all fine, untill i come across following piece (see picture, bar 39). I believe it to be artificial harmonics, but are those te same as pinch harmonics?

Could someone explain to me how to play them please? I can't seem to make it sound the same. Also it sounds way to low on the second fret. I know it states something about an octave higher, but i really can't figure it out.

If you listen to the song, it can be heard between seconds 59 and 1:03.

Attachment included:

Thanks in advance
Artificial and Pinch Harmonics are the same thing. I you don't know who to play them then there are a few good lessons on this website.
If you do the pinch harmonic where it says, does it sound too low?

If so, use your picking hand to find a 'different sweet spot' on the strings above the pups. There should be 3 main ones. Closest to the fretboard makes a lower kind of sound.

If it means the octave higher - which i assume he is talking about the A.H - i think it will be what i say. Just experiment a little.