Is a Marshall JTM-615 All Tube Guitar Amp good for playing classic rock, such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, and Nirvana?
t'would be very good for that type of music with a nice overdrive and if you turned it up. Might not be strong enough on its own to do some Aerosmith. Definitely not Nirvana, but once again, a pedal.
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Get a Boss DS-2 or a Tech21 Sansamp for Nirvana, and you're set.
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The JTM60 works fine for all those styles.

Don't get it confused with the JTM45 plexi panel amp. They're two completely different beasts. The JTM30 and JTM60 were a lower end tube line kind of a step below Marshall's flagship JCM line in the 90s.
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