what sort of theory is used fret and chord wise? ive got the effects down, like phaser and flanger and stuff, i just want to know the fret intervals and chord shapes. if you could dumb it down that would be great! i dont do too well with names like c major and stuff. thanks!
Go ask in musician talk, but I can't promise they'll be able to dumb it down for you, especially if 'c major' is hard for you to understand.
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haha i never said it was hard to understand, its just i haven't studied theory at all. all im really asking for is fret intervals and what a chord used in psychedelic music would look like, for example
or something
I would learn the plain chord basics. have a look at justinguitar.com for a beginners course in using chords. He also has a whole load of other psychedelic video lessons to choose from. if you know your chords, like C major then reading tablature will become a lot easier in turn. Plus, it does help to know basic chord shapes.

Good look.