ok basically i need this song ym metronomy called heartbreaker tabbed, but, i realised that theres no way im gonna get this done for tomorrow, so i decided to converter the file to .wav and then convert to .midi, only to find that it totally screws up, ¬.¬ if theres anyone who has a tab for it or knows a better way or some sort of software to sort out the midi, then please help!!!!
dude, that wont be possible (converting to midi) because wav as like a single track, while midi is made from various tracks one on another, by converting, you won't get those tracks, so it will f*ck up.

Lets put it like this, midi is like when you stick a lot of pictures on microsoft word, and you move them, copy them, etc. Once you print it, you can't change it anymore, and thats like a .wav. If you someway get that sheet again into your pc for editing, like scanning it, it will be static, and you have to personaly cut every f*cking pic if you wqant to move it (tabbing). And thats very hard to do

The best thing you can do now is use your ears. I would have helped you if you had posted during the weekend or something, because it will be very hard to get this tabbed for tomorrow. Have luck in playing byear

BTW, sorry for the bad english. I hope you understand.

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