I usually eco pick. But sometimes (i.e. for certain kinds of licks etc) i find it (much) easier to strictly alt pick.

Is this a problem? Is there a reason I should stick to one exclusively?
No there isn't, both are useful in their own situations.
I prefer strict alternate picking all the time though.
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As long as you are in control of switching between styles, it's fine.

Not sure what you mean by 'in control'. For a given lick, I cannot choose which I would rather do (well I can, but i'll be able to play much faster with one of the two). Are you saying I should be able to do both equally well in all situations???? You've just doubled my workload
Yes, it is very wrong and therefore you will die in an hour?

It can't hurt. See, people discuss technique too much. If it doesn't damage you, it feels good to you and you can use it to play stuff, do it.
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