well pit, i had quite a lucky day today. whilst driving to school this morning, there was quite a bit of black ice still on the road from the snow storm we just had, which i easily confused for that white-salty color the roads turn when salt gets put on the roads. anyways, i was following someone i knew when we got onto this one part of road that was basically all ice. she was able to stop, but me not noticing it was ice, i didnt start slowing down until it was too late and rear ended her (thats not open to interpretation at all...) at about 10-15 mph. amazingly, when we both got out, there was no damage at all to either vehicle, and we both continuted on our merry way to school. yay newtonian physics!

anyway, anybody else get into accidents and luckily have no damage?

EDIT: oh and i found $5 in my schools stairway. free lunch ftw!
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You should've rear-ended her the open-to-interpretation style.
So, were you going over that Black Ice like a Rock 'n' Roll Train(running right off the tracks)?
nope. ri with u there patrick
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You should've whip-lashed her butt.
Holy crappers, when I read the title I actually through about a lucky driving experience.

k coo
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Yes, you may have had some luck?

But did you get sex?

No TS, nowhere in that story did you get sex.
I once rear ended a girl at 15mph.

The entry was terrible.

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See I was thinking a three way because you got really lucky. Damn you deliver us a three way.
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had an accident y'day morning...

a tray truck tried to squeeze past us into the turning lane and ripped a big hole in the quarter panel and rear brake lights/indicators and also bent the frame.

Thats wierd...

I was driving to school this morning being careful of black ice, and all of a sudden some lame boy rammed me.
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Am I the only one who thought this thread was about sex?

god no..
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Thank newtonian physics?

That's why you didn't get laid from that situation.
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yep... i rear ended this guys car at an intersection coz he had second thoughts about making the yellow light... a cop came by, but the guy who i hit said there was no damage at all so the cop said ok and we were on our merry way...
ye but i think that old guy had something in his car the bastard.
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You should've T-boned her.

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that **** killed cliff burton! BEWARE OF BLACK ICE!
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