Me and a friend of mine are working on a progressive/metal band very similar to dream theater and other heavy progressive bands. We have a bunch of songs ranging from 5 min to 12 min, they are DIFFICULT songs to play, and i emphasize this because we will write the songs out and then have to learn how to play them because they are beyond our abilities..slightly haha. I am the lead guitarist, i am 22 and have been playing for 18 years, you can check me out at www.myspace.com/salemfairview (thats my old band) and www.youtube.com/starsmuse.

Jared, the drummer, has been playing for a few years but is an amazing drummer for how short of time he has been playing, he blows a lot of seasoned players out of the water, and writes crazy bad ass songs. We are looking to make it in the music industry, preferably sooner than later, but we need a GOOD bass player, you need to know how to shred on your bass basically, the parts are not simple by anymeans, and having knowledge of music theory will benefit you, same with a rhythm guitar player. For keyboards, basically we want jordan rudess haha, if you dont know who that is, check out dream theater, or jordan rudess on youtube.

So if you are hard working, can travel to monmouth, or have a practice space here in salem, are DRUG FREE and want to do make it somewhere with your music..get in touch!