Looking to get some feedback on this song to decide if I should show it to my band or not. We're trying to get more technical (as far as odd rhythms), so I tried to make this as mathcore-ish as possible, though it probably doesn't have enough changes to actually be considered mathcore or progressive.

This is basically the skeleton of a song. There's no second guitar on some parts because I couldn't think of anything and I like to let the guitarists make up some stuff on their own, and no bass because he sings and I have no idea what he would be able to play and sing.

Anyways, let me know what you think and I would really appreciate it/crit you back, thanks

EDIT: Sorry, probably should have added MIDI in the first place, it's there now.
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propbably just more metal than anything nice sounding riffs but wouldnt call it prog or mathcore

but my favorite PART is the pre chorus really sounds nice
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I hate guitar pro

you're alone there.

and this isn't even close to mathcore(and one random 13/8 measure doesn't make it mathcore). generic metalcore progressions, riffing, boring chugs. the chords are somewhat interesting, but sorry man, this isn't good.
its not that i hate it, its just I don't want to spend money on something I'll rarely ever use
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yeah i agree. this is neither mathcore nor progressive. i understand some people not understanding what genre of music they've created in their song, but this is not even close to either progressive or mathcore

it's metalcore/hardcore through and through. and a boring metalcore song at that.
wait what
Martindecorum/MustangMan311 - Thanks for the kind words

aggiefan33/tpkemme - Thanks for the critiques. I'm probably not gonna go back and totally revamp this one now but I definitely will focus on making my next song less generic. Also, as far as it being boring I'm hoping vocals will make it a lot less boring if we decide to use this one.
there are some parts with odd time signatures but i wouldnt call it mathcore. and i dont know the definition of a genre of music being progressive anyway.
but i really like the song man, keep it up. pre-chorus = awesome