I'm on a search for a new tone, something that is out of the ordinary.

Along my way I thought of an idea.

Take a head and put it through 2 cabinets, a bass cabinet and a guitar cabinet.

I'm wondering if this is possible, giving the ohm ratings are the same.

Also, any suggestion for some good head, guitar cab, bass cab cobinations? I want to play around with this idea.
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It would work just fine, as long as you didn't play a bass through it. Just choose whatever head you want, and maybe get Avatar cabs. Both the guitar and bass.

I run my guitar combo amp through a cheap used bass cab off craigslist. It works fine, adds tone bla bla bla. I had bought some guitar speakers to put in it but I ended up using them in my amp, the cab compliments the bright combo very well IMO. And the cab was $80 loaded with speakers.
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^was it a 1x12 or somethin?

Gallian Krueger 2x10. There's a pic on my profile.
2x10 used I believe.

TS, I don't think this is all that uncommon. I'm sure some bands go as far as using bass amps in stereo with guitar amps as well.
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