ive been wanting to get a 62 fender strat (reissue of course) for $1500 because i dont really have a suitable guitar for strat-ish tone and thats what John Frusciante has used on the last 3-4 albums, i dont really feel like counting them, but my amp is a line 6 spider 3 15 watt, which is pretty good for metal, but sounds horrible clean. so I'm considering getting a plain american standard strat and some kind of marshall amp. my cousin may have one but he's in training with the marines so he wont be back for a few weeks. So, if my cousin doesnt have an amp i like should i buy a standard strat and a marshall amp or get the 62 and just wait for my budget to recover to get a new amp.

it will be within a few months
get the 62, you'll probably just regret getting a plain american

**Not because they're bad, but if the '62 is what you really want then get it
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I would just wait for your budget to recover, I'm playing a strat through the same amp right now and it doesn't sound to bad, you just to need mess with the factory settings a bit
Buy a new amp first. With $1500 you could get something that sounds really great.

There's no use in having a beautiful new Stratocaster if it's gonna be played through a spider III.
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you could try some strat copies and modify them with decent pickups etc, leaving you money for a good tube amp. It's do-able if your budgets around 1500, plus if u part-ex the amp
I'd get the 62 and save up some money to buy a good amp, if that is possible. Waiting for good gear is worth it and cheaper in the long run, because you won't feel the need to replace it for some time at least.
If your cousin's amp is a marshall MG or AVT, do not buy it, those don't sound too good and cost too much for what they offer. People just buy them because it says Marshall on the front.
The higher end Marshalls like a JCM or JVM are nice though.
Look at Traynors or Peavey Classics, those are pretty good value for money.
well if you`re looking for cleans invest more in the amp then the guitar, a nice mim strat with a nice tube amp like (im not too good with clean amps) a peavey classic 30 they go used for 300 if you still want to get the MIA strat, and imo sound awesome i suggest go try out some tube amp to see which one you like
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