When the family went to sleep, I went out to the Camden area in London in search of punks, metalheads, beer drinkers and hellraisers to share my english experience with.

I stumble on this homeless guy who i give change to. Conversation skipped, me and him go to a dealer he knows for some weed which we resolved to split half and half.
The dealer asks 20, i have 10, H.G has 9. The dealer is going somewhere on the bus, so we follow him to negociate the deal.

Now, I made the dumbass goddam MORONIC error of handing him my money first (the homeless guy) to approach the dealer. And sure enough, hes not selling since we only have 19. So the homeless guy comes bothering me for an extra pound to pitch in, which i didnt have, but the deaf ****in bastard says "CMOOOON MATE YOU GOOOOT TO HAVE OOOOONNNNNEE POOOUND", "NO! ****! go find another one!"

So he goes around asking for one and im sitting there twiddling my ****in thumbs. I realize now that this has gone long enough so that I have NO IDEA where the **** I am now (mind you, the subway closes at such and such time) so I ask him for my money back.

and he starts sweating and freaking out a bit "CALM DOWN MAN CALM DOWN WERE ONLY ONE BLOODY POUND AWWWWWWF!!!!"

wtv... I wait... and I lose my patience and re-volunteer the previous information "give. me. my. ****IN. money"

And he just walks right out the ****in bus and the doors close, I leap up and force the doors open and place my hand on his shoulder OI !

So NOW, seeing as he cant just run away, he seeks to intimidate me, he gets back in the bus and gets in my face to stare me down and frighten me. Honestly, I was a little nervous, not because I truly thought he was stronger than me, but because I had the impression he was a raving psychopath with nothing to lose (you wouldve had to be there to witness his behavior)

I try to be diplomatic, and offer to buy him a pint at the pub, but he wont have it, he wants my money. So were at a stand off... untill someone puts a hand on his shyoulder and says "OI, GIVE THE GEEZER HIS ****IN MONEY OR WER ALL GONNA KICK YER HEAD OFF!!!"

It was these 6 punk chicks, they just moved me aside, surrounded him, yelled at him, pushed him around, the sorry bastard gave me my money alright, then they PUSHED him off the ****in bus and one kicks him in the head.

TLR - Homeless guys suck, punk chicks are goddam saints.
Thats Camden for you.
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This is why buying drugs in an unfamiliar place with a person you've never met before is not the shining beacon of good sense it first appears to be.
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

The moral of the story is...

Don't use homeless guys to buy you weed.
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not gonna lie, that is a pretty epic story.

It's always fun to get lost in a place you've never been, because stuff like that happens all the time.
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Sweet. You should illustrate this. It would be.. Interesting.

Yeah turn it into a comic.

And when you ask him for the money the 2nd time and he doesn't do it, make sure you go FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
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This is why buying drugs in an unfamiliar place with a person you've never met before is not the shining beacon of good sense it first appears to be.

I do believe this is correct.
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aha my friends actually gave money (I didn't pitch in) to a couple homeless guys we met in chinatown one day and they left saying that they'd come back in a few minutes with the weed and left one of their friends with us for assurance. The funny thing is we had already seen these guys a couple times before cause they're always hanging out in one of Montreal's numerous 'crack head parks' and we know that they aren't exactly sane. So the friend that they left with us leave after a couple minutes mumbling some strange crack head incantation and we wait another 30 minutes and they never came back so we went and got some bubble tea.
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Punk chicks are great
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The worst is the feeling you get when you reflect on it and feel like such a ****in idiot even though it turned out alright.

I didnt resort to thrashing him then and there, because I was afraid he was just ****in crazy, which is to say... I couldnt predict if I fought him... if hed retalitiate with fists, with a knife, or just whip out his dick and wave it around.

Once the punks were pushin him around, I saw him for the big harmless intimidator he truly was in essence, but I still didnt strike because Id feel like a coward to strike him NOW that ive got him totally outnumbered... so i just let events take place, only plannin on breaking his face if he struck back one of the girls.

goddamit... >_>

Live and learn I guess eh?
How did you get back home, since you didn't know th place and the subways were closed?

I'll give you some time to fabricate another story for that one.
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im romanian and am offended. most of the people in romania make americans look like autistic kids on ritalin
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I'm autistic and on ritalin and am offended. Most autistic kids on ritalin make americans look like romanians.
I said this once and I'll say it again...Am I the only one who finds this thread title sexual?
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this story is 100% not true.

I dunno, it sounds like Camden to me
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Wtf, your profile says you're from Canada, you to go to an unfamiliar area, you trust a homeless man, you follow a dealer in this unfamiliar area, and you're looking for weed?

I'm suprised you're not American.
No rape? No murder?

Awww that story sucked! Well... Camden isnt that bad, and by Camden I mean Hampstead >_>
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Should have taken the Northern Line up to Belsize Park and came to my mates' and shared our stuff... that would have made a better story.
Camden draw is **** anyway, half the dealers there are pussies anyway, apart from the proper raggas.
Can we have a "hooray" for punk chicks?
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The moral of the story is...

Don't use homeless guys to buy you weed.

unless there's a platoon of punk chicks behind you
Jesus christ... Not very clued up are you?
...Bleep Bloop...
Was this not posted ages ago? I can remember reading it a few months ago
Camden is cool, i've been there twice on my vacation in england.
From my experiences seeing weird people and weird stuff , i can see this happening in Camden
You go and trust a homeless guy in a place you have never been before because you want drugs ... sir, you're a twat
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