Its a cheap piece of **** in my opinion, but all I got currently. I Raised the Tremelo system, because I usually play in Standard D or Drop C not E, Anyway It won't stay in tune what so ever.

It goes out of tune while I'm tuning it! The string I'm tuning will literally just keep dropping. I think its because I raised it, but not sure. I do not usually use guitars with Tremelo Bars on them, don't like'em lol.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips about a Tremelo System please tell.
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I had to search on your guitar in order to try to help and couldn't find it immediately. I link or pic would have helped.

Does it look like this one? So it's not Floyd Rose, it's just a standard floating trem?


Well, it's true that dropped tunings without a locking system may cause extensive 'pull' on the guitar making it hard to keep in tune. However, here are some things to try. First tho, do you use the whammy bar or no? If not, then you can 'block' the bridge block and tighten down the bridge (trem) to body and be better off.

However, my guess is that the tuning problems are more related to either the nut (at neck) not being lubricated and/or bad stringing practice at tuning pegs.

If that doesn't help, then check out the Guitar Set Up QnA Sticky in Electric Guitar or simply start a thread over in EG. Or, tell me I'm smoking crack.

Good luck,