Hello all. This is an ad I made for myself and gives some details on myself. If I sound interesting to you, feel free to reply here and I will pm a way for you to contact me. Thanks much for reading.

Post is as follows:

Hello, my name is Spencer Andrews. I have played guitar for one year, and in that one year many others have said I've covered the ground of someone who's played three times as long. I would not consider myself good, but I'm insanely devoted to playing guitar, as I play close to 35 hours a week. I mostly play some older styles of music, including hair metal such as Skid Row and classic rock such as Aerosmith, although I also enjoy punk rock, jazz, and blues, as well as some more urban rock types. I can play metal, although it's not high on my list.

I also do vocals while I play often times, although they are not developed very well. I'm not the best singer, although backing vocals would be something I'm interested. Being a full singer would be debatable.

I was apart of one failed band project with a friend who played bass, although there were two critical flaws. The first was a lack of experience from the entire group, and everyone except myself was not willing to work. The second flaw was that I had to step up and be a leader, which was a problem because I was the most driven in the group. So, between the two, the band fell apart in only a month. I am looking to be in a band because I feel it could increase my playing ability, plus I enjoy playing with other people. I want to be in one for fun but I will take it seriously the second I need to.

I plan on one day being a musician. I will work at it as hard as I can. I could never see myself in some corporate office. It's a goal in life, and I feel this is a step towards getting there.

Although I am still in high school, I would be available to practice if one was scheduled ahead of time.

What I look for in a band is what I said above. I want a rock group, and one that I don't have to lead. I'd prefer to be the only guitarist, or the lead, however I would be willing to play rhythm. Mostly I want a group of people who are serious about doing it, because I know from the past that if you're completely serious about what you're doing, no one wills top you.