I have been looking for a thread for a while about this, and just wanted to ask if you guys think the vypyr tube is really worth the extra $150 over the 75. I played both at the store (only at low volumes) and could not tell any major differences. I am looking for a new amp from my line 6 spider 3 and want one big enough for small gigs and very versatile. My price range is $500. My main choices are those vypyrs but i am open to other suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help. Also if i got the vypyr 75 i could also do a speaker change or just spend the extra on a new guitar.
Don't judge a tube amp at low volumes.
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Also, The Official Peavey Vypyr Thread
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I know im sorry i already posted it to the right one i jsut didn't know how to post it in the correct place.