I'm Stuck in the Pentatonic RUT or also known as being stuck in the box. I need to stop playing the same thing over and over when I pick up the guitar. Although every time I do play it a little differently. I know i can learn how to go up and down the neck, and i know i can learn the notes on they keyboard, but Im looking for something to get me out the RUT. Help please!
You answered your own question really.

You stated you know how to do it, go do it. I'm not being an arse but thats how you'll get out of it.
No doubt +) let me ask then how do I jam with someone, say they play the C chord and then The A chord. How do i play over that , dunno if that's accurate...
It's more about the key they're playing in tbh. If they say they're going to play a chord progression in the key of (whatever) then you'll know what to play over the top of (or along with) that progression.

As you learn theory and as your knowledge improves you'll learn what fits over what and whether its best to play a major scale form or a minor scale etc etc.

The best way to get away from the shapes is to learn the notes, you said it yourself. It works it really does.
Why worry about moving outside of the pentatonic box?? Zakk Wylde has obviously made a substantial amount of money from the blues pentatonic scale!

All jokes aside, the scale you use is more based around the key of the song rather than the chords themselves (although the chord progression should be derived from notes that are in the scale of the key the song is in).