I used to have the theory of metal solo's were extremely well practiced exercises of precision planned notes etc and tempo.

But now I think Metal solo's are as free as the blues.

I know some of the techniques are different but is it the same outlook on playing?.....

Anyone else think this?

I don't really listen to Shred Metal, so I can't really say.

Oh, I almost forgot.

RIP Dime
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Would anyone even care about Dime if he wasn't murdered?
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To: Jesus=ConArtist
A lot of technical and progressive metal is very fusion based

therefore, craziness improv can happen

so basically metal solos can be as tame or wild on note choice as you want
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Would anyone even care about Dime if he wasn't murdered?

**** no. Of course people are going to say yeah, but really, Dime was mediocre and I guess dying multiplies skill tenfold.
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