Hi, I made this diagram for my HSS strat and was wondering if someone who's a bit more experienced with wiring could check it for me. I'm putting in some duncans, two single-sized humbuckers as well as a p-rail bridge. For those who don't know, the p-rail(s? is just a p90/single coil/humbucker. I have it set to be wired up to an on/off/on 3-way mini toggle to control the type of pickup for the bridge. it'll have 1 tone, 1 volume, and a 5 way switch, as is indicated in my poorly made Paint drawing

Came up with this by fusing a few seymour duncan diagrams. I can solder well enough, just kind of confused at the workings of it all. Borrowed a few small drawings from the duncan website as well.

Also: I only plan on using the toggle for the P-rail pickup, the single coil sized humbuckers will not be split.

Sorry for the wall of text =(.

Thanks in advanced,

EDIT: think I found a better way to do the 3 way switching with a SPDT on/off/on instead of a DPDT. thanks anyway
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