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I've noticed how most people here have more than one guitar/bass.I have several, and I was wondering what guitar you guys use most.For me it would probably be my Hondo2 Les Paul Custom Copy, but I got it about 4 days ago, so its probably natural for me to play it alot.I love my flying V though ^^
Holy s*** burnboy, you've nearly got one for every day of the week.

I have another guitar, but it's just a ****ty first act. As much as I'm all for saving money, I cannot believe how ****ty that guitar is as compared to my strat, which was 300 dollars more.
Just my G-400 right now.

It isn't in very good condition right now though.

Sometime later on this year I will have myself a Limited Edition G-400 in heritage cherry. That thing is DAMN sexy and sounds DAMN great for only $400.

Sorry for sounding like Billy Mays trying to sell a Ltd. G-400, I just love that guitar.
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Holy s*** burnboy, you've nearly got one for every day of the week.

Most of them are my dads.We kinda share, but I play my guitars the most.I rarely see the Les Paul Custom, but If its a weekend, and hes in a good mood, And were both bored, well we take out some of the big boy toys! BTW. thats not even all of them.I didnt have enough characters to fit them all in my sig ><
I'm with you on the Flying V burnboy .
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my modded Tele, though this week ive been using my dot more
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at home: my acoustic

at practice: schecter c-1+
At studio: Ibanez Les Paul

live: Ibanez S470
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American strat, pure comfort in a convenient package.
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I play my electric guitar a lot more than my acoustic. But I still bust out my acoustic every couple of days so it doesn't get lonely.
Hmm, depends what I'm playing really. At the moment I'm in Korea and I only have one guitar with me, so I'm playing my Swing T-Thru quite alot at the moment. It's a rediculously cool guitar though

At home I play my Tele or my PGM the most, depending on what style of music I'm playing.
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Right now I'm playing my Telecaster the most, but really that's just because it's my latest guitar and you know how when you get a new guitar you don't want to put it down again until the next new guitar comes along...

I'd say overall, 'new guitar love' aside, I probably play my Epi Joe Perry LP the most. The Gibson is just too much of a holy grail for me to play it all the time. The Epi though I'll happily play about with sat on the sofa in front of the TV, on my lap when I'm online, etc.
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My RG2EX2, even though its in C standard most of the time.

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My Jackson DK2M

Why do I play it even more than my Gibson explorer? probably partly due to the fact that it's currently my only guitar with passive pickups in it, lol. But also, sheer playability.

Damn I want an SL2H soooo bad, haha.
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Lately my LP Custom has been getting quite a bit of action, mostly just for band use. Looking forward to picking up a 52 RI Tele pretty soon though.
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RR3, because I'm trying to focus all my learning onto metal and shred at the moment.

If I get bored though, its funk rock time with the Squier.
My Starcaster.

The Kramer's Floyd Rose is to much of a bitch for me to deal with. I like being able to switch my tuning every hour on the hour without ****ing with my guitar all day long.

That or my Yamaha acoustic. but this is the Electric Guitar forum... so...

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
my '86 MiJ Stratocaster.

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My Epiphone Les Paul and my classical guitar.

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- Hohner Hc-06 Classical guitar


-Roland Cube 30x
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My G-400 at the moment, just took a strange liking to it lately.
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I play mine more or less equally. They have a different tone, and the play differently, so I play them depending on how I feel, what I'm playing, and what sound I want.
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It all depends on What tuning I need ATM. like right now its a toss up between my Schecter c7fr loomis witch is tuned 1/2 step down, or my dean Razorback V witch is tuned to drop D. My esp (modded) m107- 7 is in standard while my ESP EC-1000 is in drop C. And my MIM strat Hss is in standard. It all depends on what sound with what AMP I need so its a choice everytime I want to play.
At the moment im playin my Schecter 30th Anniversary PT the most because i use it for band practice and when im playing along to songs at home
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